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The RHS Tigers open the 2015 season against Northpoint Christian on August 21 at home. Come on out and support your home town Tigers !

Football News

The RHS Tigers new coach was recently named. Mr. Wade Vandergriff is the new coach and we wish him the best in his new endeavor. 

                      Here are 5 major benefits of playing high school sports:

1.     Representing a community:  when you play for your high school you are representing the community in which you live. You will participate against other communities and enjoy the sporting rivalries that have developed over numerous generations. This is just like college – playing other colleges that have traditional rivalries and representing your college, and the community in which it is part, is a great honor.

2.     Recognition for your achievements: Local newspapers thrive on sport coverage of their local high schools and your achievements will not go unnoticed. This is just like college – local papers love to cover the sporting events of the local colleges and you will be recognized for your individual and team successes.

3.     Understanding the sporting hierarchy: As a freshman you have certain duties, as do the sophomores, juniors and seniors. These duties change when you get older - from collecting equipment to leading the program. This is just like college – you will have certain duties and expectations as a freshman and these duties and expectations will change as you mature to lead your program.

4.     Development of leadership roles: In high school sports players tend to look towards the older and more experienced athletes for guidance and leadership. As you stay with the program you will assume these roles and duties and you will learn how best to lead. You will also develop an understanding of which leadership qualities and styles best suit you. This is just like college – your leadership skills will be expected to develop as you mature through the program and you will have older, more experienced, teammates to look up to when you are an underclassman.

5.     The opportunity to work with different coaches: Playing for different coaches prior to participating in college will allow you to know how to adapt to various coaching styles and how best you can succeed with these different styles. Although this is not the same as college, playing for different coaches will prepare you to know how best to work within different coaching styles and philosophies and still get the best out of your game.

Being exposed to club and high school sports will help you develop yourself as an athlete and leader and expose you to various roles that will allow you to succeed further in college.  Be aware of burnout and find time to get rest but enjoy the experience of being a youth athlete in all environments.                  

How Parents on the Sidelines Can Support High School Athletes

For most teen athletes, the game will likely end in high school.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association estimates the probability a high school football player will compete at the professional level to be .08 percent, for example.

But the popularity of high school sports continues to rise. Participation increased for the 25th consecutive year during 2013-2014, to nearly 7.8 million student athletes, according to a survey released last year from the National Federation of State High School Associations, which is comprised of state high school sports and activities groups.

In this high-stakes atmosphere, some parents go overboard with their enthusiasm.

"Unfortunately in competitive sports on the high school level parents can be a tad bit overbearing, to say the least," says Elijah Brooks, head football coach at DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Maryland. Although, he says, the vast majority of parents falls in line. 

If teen athletes feel their parents are living vicariously through them or that sports is the number one priority, dysfunction can arise, he says.

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Parents should focus on how teens can build character through sports, says Jim Thompson, founder and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance, a nonprofit organization working to change the culture of youth sports.

"It’s not that you can't care about whether your kid gets a hit," or whether the team wins a game, he says.​ "But your job is not to help them win the game, it's to help your child take away the life lessons."

Talking to the coach about a teen's​ athletic performance or acting out emotionally in the stands is probably not ​a good idea.

Brooks’ school holds a twice-yearly meeting with parents to set ground rules about how parents should behave and communicate.

"If parents don't act right in the stands, they will be removed from the game and if it continues, their child could suffer consequences due to their parent’s actions," he says.

Parents who know they have a hard time exhibiting self-control should develop a routine for the tense moments that happen during a game, such as counting back from 100 or doing breathing exercises, says Thompson, who also wrote a book of advice for parents of high school athletes.

Teens should talk to coaches themselves about athletic concerns, ​which teaches them responsibly, says Brooks. The only time it would be appropriate for a parent to talk to a coach about poor athletic performance ​is if there was a persistent problem that wasn’t being addressed.

Teens can practice having these conversations by role-playing with parents, ​says Thompson.​

The best parents are the ones who keep priorities in order, says Brooks.

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"Parents that stress academics first always seem to have students who are a lot more comfortable," he says. "They are not as pressured and they tend to more successful."

Parental involvement can be a good thing too, says Sean Ryan, head baseball coach at Benedictine College Preparatory in Richmond, Virginia.  ​

"It is great to have parents involved and caring about what their kids are doing," he says. "I think that's one of the benefits is that sports can bring kids and parents together, just like music or theater or anything else."

Brooks says parents should attend all games, banquets and other functions.

"That means more than anything else, is their parents' support," he says.

Athletes may not end up with a college scholarship. But all players, Brooks says, ​can learn to overcome adversity and understand the value of teamwork. 

"It teaches tremendous life lessons," he says.

They Call Him "Farther Time" ?

Who is "Farther Time", (AKA Clint Spidle) well he is the guy you hear on our local cable access channel announcing our Friday Night Football games. He is a retired professional radio broadcaster and this will be his 6th year announcing our Tiger Football games. He is a character to say the least and does a great job announcing the games. He is a super huge Tiger fan and has gained the respect of the players. Be sure to tune in every Saturday morning on HRL TV channel 2 to catch the game and hear Farther Time do his thing !

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